Vacuum Vapor Deposition Apparatus for Coating Metal Films on Powder Sample


Coating metal films on surfaces of powder particles

*Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

A vacuum deposition apparatus is a popular tool for depositing metal thin films on a substrate, device, or an object. In most cases, the source crucible is located downside and the sample holder is located upside.

In some applications, powder samples are needed to be deposited with metal thin films. In this case, the sample should be located downside. In order to enable deposition on powder samples, we developed this unique vacuum deposition apparatus MPVAP-Powder. In the apparatus, the crucible of a source material is located above the sample holder and the source is evaporated from upside towards downside. The sample container located downside is vibrated continuously during the deposition process, so that the sample powder is stirred and a uniform deposition will be realized.

Application example of depositing copper film on white micro rubber ball