Analytic Tools

 SEM for large-Size Samples

 SEM with EDX Mapping Function

 EDX for Powder Samples

 3D Digital Optical Microscope

 FT-IR Spectroscopy

 Raman Spectroscopy


 XRD for Powder Samples


 Tester of Thermal-Diffusion Factor


 Detector of Radio Waves

 Fabrication Tools

 Plasma Surface Treatment Apparatus

 Fiber Laser Beam Machine

 CO2 Laser Beam Machine

 Desk-Top Rooter

 Ultrasonic Drill/Cutter/Polisher

 Planet Liquid Mixer

 Planet Ball Milling machine

 High-Share Mixer

 High-Pressure Blasting Machine

 Apparatus for Material Preparation

 High-Precision 3D Printer

 3-Color 3D Printer

 3D Scanner

 Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) Machine

 UV Curing Machine

 High-Pressure Supercritical Autoclave reactor

 Roll-to-Roll Plastic Film Forming Machine

 Roll-to-Roll Heating furnace

 CVD/Deposition Tools

 Thermal CVD Device

 Quartz-Tube-Rotation CVD Device for Powder Samples

 Furnace-Sliding CVD Device

 DC Plasma CVD Device

 RF-Induction Heating Furnace

 Vacuum Vapor Deposition Apparatus for Nano Film Deposition

 Ion Sputter Device