Generating H2 from water with aluminum scrap

We have developed an Al-CNT composite material, in which Al nanoparticles are dispersed in the nano-space of CNTs. By putting Al-CNT into water, H2 gas will be efficiently generated. For more technical information, please check our [MATERIALS] page.

We have also confirmed that pulverized Al scrap can also be composted to CNTs, and H2 can be generated through our fundamental experiments. By apply our technology, Al scrap can become a very useful material.

Fuel-cell cars carrying H2 fuel tank will be a popular eco cars in the near future. Before the population of fuel-cell cars, H2 stations should be prepared. The most important problem of preparation of H2 stations is high cost for distributing and stocking H2. If H2 can be generated at distributed places, delivery cost can be saved. Our technology may be a solution of this problem.

We are not going to apply the technology to commercialization by our self, because we have not such business carrier. We will cooperate if any company wants to apply the technology to commercialization.

Al+H2O→Al(OH)3+H2 Generating H2 from water with aluminum scrap