Al/CNT Composite for H2 Generation from Water

Al melted in the nano voids of CNTs

Al is one of good materials for generating H2 from water. The reaction equation is the following:

2Al+6H2O →2Al(0H)3+3H2

However, you will not see any H2 if you only put a raw Al material in the water. It is because that the surfaces of Al is very be oxidized, the pure Al has been covered by Al2O3 film to prevent the above reaction. And also, because the specific surface area of raw Al material is very low, even if a few pure Al cites appears, amplified reaction will not sustained.

We have developed an Al-CNT composite material for H2 generation from water. In this case, Al has been melted in the nano voids among CNTs, and nano-sized Al particles and film are formed, giving a higher specific surface area. Because of its high specific surface area of Al in the composite material, H2 can be easily and persistently generated when the material is put in water. When the material including 1g Al is put in a warm water of 60°, about 1 liter H2 can be generated in about 30 min. The amount is close to the theoretical prediction.

Some applications of the material are considerable; for examples, making H2 in places where H2 cylinder cannot be set, or ballooning rubber container by injecting water. We will support your original ideas.

Al/CNT Composite for H2 Generation from Water