Film Deposition

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 Layered Chalcogenide (MoS2, WS2) Film Synthesis

 Low-Temperature Synthesis of Graphene Films

 Carbon Coat on Metal Powders below 500℃

 Plasma-Assisted CVD for Synthesis of Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Films

 Coating Insulated SiO2 Films on Ceramic Condensers

 Materials & Devices

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 Alkali Activation of Nano Carbon Materials

 Nano Ceramics (TiC, WO3) Composited in Brake Materials

 Si Negative Electrode Material with Core-Shell Structure

 Process Development for Producing Graphene from Rice Husks

 Process Development for Producing Nano Carbon from Woody Waste

 Improvement of Thermal Conductivity of CNT TIM Sheets

 Fabrication of Stretchable Electrodes of Polymer Actuator Stretchable for 400%

 Application of CNT Poles to Test Probers for Semiconductor Testing

 Development of CNT Black Body Used in Inner Lens Column of Cameras for Reducing Stray Light

 Development of Long-Life CNT Black Body for Emissivity Measurement

 Sintered Cu-CNT Compact Developed for High Current Usage

 Development of High-Voltage Ceramic Capacitor

 Li Ion Battery

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 Comparative Testing of Si Electrode Materials Carbon-Coated with Different CVD Gases

 Process Development for Producing Nano Si from Rice Husks

 Direct Growth of CNTs in Positive Electrode Materials of LIB

 Development of Si-Embedded Nano Carbon Materials For Improvement of Cycle Characteristics

 Fuel Cells

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 Carbon Coating on SUS/Ti Bipolar Electrodes in Fuel Cells

 CNT Grown on Gas-Diffusion-Layer (GDL)

 CNT Forests Pressed on Nafion Films

 Development of Pt-Supported Dispersive CNTs