Multi-Purpose CVD System


Carbon-coating, CNT synthesis, N-doping, 2D materials

*Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Outline: The CVD system is designed for multi-purposes, for examples, carbon coating on powder materials, doping nitrogen with ammonia gas, synthesizing layered substance such as 2D MoS2f films, synthesizing nanocarbon materials such as CNTs and graphene.
By adding an optional introduction unit of liquid or solid precursors, films with novel structures can be designed and formed.
  •  Introduction unit of liquid fuel (ethanol) is equipped to meet to the case where hydrogen carbon gas cannot be set.
  •  3-line mass-flow gas controllers are equipped.
  •  Vacuum system is equipped for the usage of vacuum processes.
  •  Compact and steady for setting up on a table.
  •  High extensibility for various CVD processes

Carbon coating on Si negative electrode material for LIB battery


Molybdenum disulfide film

SEM image of long CNT on Si

SEM image of CNT powder