Nano-Si transferred from nano-SiO2

SiO2 is a stable matter, so that Si is very difficult to be reduced. There have been some methods to reduce Si from SiO2 industrially. The most major method is based on reduction using carbon in a high temperature arc furnace, by which method, laboratory experiments cannot be proceed.

In a laboratory scale, the method of reduction of SiO2 to Si using metal (Mg or Al) is reasonably simple. In the case of using Mg, reduction temperature is lower than 800C and a small furnace is enough for experiments.

We have successfully developed and improved the Mg-based reduction processes and our own equipment, and confirmed that porous nano-Si can be achieved from porous SiO2 as shown in the SEM picture.

Porous nano-Si may be a good negative electrode material for next-generation Li ion battery. We welcome your application using this technology.

SEM Image of Porous Si