Desk-top Metal Nanoparticles Synthesis System


Easy synthesis of nano particles of metals in laboratory scale

*Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Purpose: A mini vapor deposition apparatus which enables the formation of metal nanoparticles in a gas phase.
  •  A flow meter of inert gas is equipped.
  •  A alumina-coated crucible is used for vaporizing various kinds of metals. (the melting point of the metals should be lower than 1600 degrees)
  •  Compact size, easy operation.

This is an experimental apparatus to be used in research and development to form metal nanoparticles in gas phases. This experimental device is suitable for research and development of materials with new properties such as quantum effects and luminescence properties of nanoparticles in nano-sizes.

Metals such as Au, Ag, Cu, Al, Ni, Co, Si, etc. is heated and vaporized in an inert gas. The collision between the metal vapor and inert gas cools the metal vapor, so that metal nanoparticles of 10-30 nm in diameter are formed in the gas phase. A sharp size distribution of nanoparticles can be achieved. The nanoparticles can be directly deposited on a substrate located above the crucible.

In most cases, metal nanoparticles always show black color due to the plasmon effect; gold nanoparticles do not show gold color but black color.

It is well known that Au nanoparticles have a good catalyst effect and also are used in the biosensors. Ni, Co, or Fe nanoparticles show superparamagnetic effect. Si nanoparticles show EL effect.

This apparatus will be suitable to laboratory experiments on finding new functioned materials based on quantum effect.


Configuration Main Unit

Grass Chamber

Gas Introducing Port

Vacuum Pump Port

Leak Port

Vacuum Gauge

Current Terminal




Operating Temp.:400~800℃

Power Supply

Output Power:400W

AC90-250V single-phase 50-60Hz


Vacuum Pump

Oil-sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump


Gas Flowmeter Introduced Gas : Ar or N2