Laser-Assisted CVD System


Film coating, surface treatment by laser scanning

  •  Our original sample chamber filled with a special gas (N2, C2H2 or H2 or NH3, etc. ) is applied to a commercial fiber laser engraving machine to realize special surface treatments in your designed patterns.
  •  When C2H2 is filled in the chamber, carbon films can be deposited on substrates.
  •  When NH3 is filled in the chamber, nitride film will be formed.
  •  When H2 is filled in the chamber, oxides can be reduced on the surfaces.
  •  When N2 is filled in the chamber, oxidation can be avoid during laser treatment.
  •  The window of the sample chamber is transparent for fiber laser beam.
  •  We will fabricate the system with customized specifications to meet to your requests and purposes. For more information please contact us.

Patterned carbon deposition on titanium substrate with hydrocarbon gas