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 Greeting from the representative

Keishin OTA

 Microphase Co., Ltd. is a venture company specializing in research and development of nanotechnology and it was launched in the University of Tsukuba.

 We established the company with the motto "Useful research and development".

 The role of Microphase Co., Ltd. is to make things that will happen "eventually in the long run" into those that will happen "in the near future".

 We are always paying efforts to update and expand our knowledge and abilities to keep leading position in the fields of nano materials, nanotechnologies and energy devices, and to response to the market changes

 We are committed to thoroughly understanding the goals and demands of our customers and actively suggesting the quickest ways for them to achieve their goals. Rather than just using the abilities we have accumulated, we are conducting our operations while acquiring new abilities and knowledge through new efforts.

 We would like to build a business that allows our customers to conveniently carry out research and development in the nanotechnology, energy, and environment fields. We welcome inquiries about our business.

Keishin Ota, Chief Executive Officer, Ph.D

 Company Overview

Company NameMicrophase Co., Ltd.
EstablishedDecember 20, 1999
Capital10 million yen
RepresentativeKeishin OTA, Chief Executive Officer
Address1147-9 Onigakubo, Tsukuba-city, Ibaraki