Vacuum Sample Holder Transferable from Glove Box to MPVAP Apparatus


Preventing samples from exposure to moisture and O2

*Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Purpose: A special vacuum sample holder for setting samples in a glove box without exposing the samples to moisture or oxygen. The samples in the vacuum holder chamber can be transferred to a Vacuum Deposition Apparatus (MPVAP) and then can be coated with thin metal films in a vacuum.
  •  Sample holder is embedded in a vacuum chamber.
  •  Compact size and easily transferrable to a glove box.
  •  The holder chamber can be evacuated in a glove box.
  •  The cap of the holder chamber automatically opens in a vacuum-deposition apparatus.
  •  Function of 360-degree rotation of sample holder can be added as an option.

Some samples, such as pure metals, should also be kept away from the air because they will react with the oxygen in the air. In some applications, these kinds of materials or devices are needed to be coated with a metal film in a vacuum deposition apparatus without exposure to the air.

In order to realize these applications, the samples should be placed on the sample holder in a glove box filled with inert gas, and kept in a vacuum while the samples are transferred to the vacuum deposition apparatus. The product is designed and developed originally by Microphase for realizing this purpose.