Vacuum Deposition System with Glove Box


Preventing samples from exposure to moisture and O2

*Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Purpose: A transparent glove box is attached to our Vacuum Deposition Apparatus to realize deposition without exposure to the air during sample setup and also sample recovery.
  •  Substrates or powder samples are available.
  •  Easy operation by monitoring O2 density in the glove box.

Some samples, such as pure metals, should be kept away from the air because they will react with the oxygen or water in the air. In some applications, these kinds of materials or devices are needed to be coated with a metal film in a vacuum deposition apparatus without exposure to the air.

In order to realize these applications, we designed and made a compact glove box which is attached to our vacuum deposition apparatus. Samples in a N2-filled sample container will not be exposed to the air from sample setting throughout sample recovery.