RF Plasma CVD System

Overview: RF plasma sputter apparatus was modified so that resolutions of ammonia gas or hydrocarbon gas can be accelerated and nitrogen-doped carbon film can be deposited on substrates.
  • Desk-top size
  • The nitrogen-doped carbon film may show photocatalytic effect?

CVD System with Solid Precursor Unit

Overview: A solid-precursor introduction unit was added at the upper stream of our standard CVD system [MPCVD series]. Sublimed vapors of metallic compounds or oxides can be introduced in to CVD reaction zone for reaction and film deposition.
  • Solid precursors can be heated with its individual heater.
  • The flow rate of the carrier gas into the solid precursor chamber can be controlled separately.

CVD System with Liquid Precursor Unit

Overview: A liquid-precursor introduction unit was added at the upper stream of our standard CVD system [MPCVD series]. Vapor of metallic compounds or oxides bubbled by carrier gas can be introduced in to CVD reaction zone for reaction and film deposition.
  • Liquid precursors can be heated with its individual heater.
  • The flow rate of the bubbling gas can be controlled separately.
  • TEOS can be introduced for depositing SiO2 insulation film.

Roll-to-Roll Low-Temperature CVD System for Tarnishing Copper Alloy Fasteners

Overview: We have successfully established an atmosphere-pressure, room-temperature, roll-to-roll CVD processes for tarnishing copper-alloy fasteners and changing the colors of such fasteners. A high through―put and large-size apparatus for continuous CVD treatment of fasteners was fabricated for mass-production.
  • CVD tarnish of Cu fasteners based on oxidation of Cu alloy by ammonia gas
  • By changing the gas density, variety of colors (brown, blue, green, and black) have been realized.
  • Inert gas curtain flanges at both ends of CVD chamber were developed, allowing fasters with complicated shapes go through the CVD chamber but air not go in the chamber.
  • A catalytic decomposition of used ammonia gas was installed, giving 0 ppm of residual ammonia.
  • The total CVD treatment speed of the system reached Max 5m/min.

Furnace-Sliding CVD System for Continuous CNT Forest Synthesis

Overview: Long-quartz-tube and furnace-sliding CVD system was fabricated for continuously growing vertically-aligned CNT forests on Zr or Cu foils, which are used as thermal conduction TIM (Thermal Interface Material) devices.
  • Zr foils, as many as possible, are set in advance in the long quartz tube on a line.
  • The furnace is moved, driven by a motor, along the quartz tube in a constant velocity, and the samples are CVD treated continuously and sequentially.
  • Compared to batch CVD, the heat up time and cooling time for each batch are saved, leading to a large shortening of process time.

Rotary-kiln CVD System for Continuous CNT powder Production

Overview: This is a continuous CVD system for growing powder CNTs continuously. Tiltable and rotatable quartz tube is equipped, so that the catalyst powders are feed through the hot zone from upper stream in a constant velocity, and CNTs are synthesized in the hot zone are collected at the bottom stream.
  • Quartz tube is kept to rotating during CVD process.
  • Catalyst-proving rotation unit and CNT-synthesis rotating unit are separately provided and controlled.
  • The tilt angle is adjustable to meet to the powder slipping behavior.

Continuous CVD System for Coating Carbon Films on WC Powder

Overview: A CVD system was fabricated for coating carbon films on WC powder to improve the toughness of WC molds.
  • The quartz tube is tiltable and rotatable, so that rotary-kiln function is realized.
  • CVD conditions for carbon coating on WC materials were established.

Desk-Top Examination System for Carbonization and Activation of Biomass Materials

Overview: Desk-top CVD system was modified for carbonizing biomass materials and then activating the carbonized product with steam. It will be useful in laboratory for R&D in the field of recycle of biomass materials.
  • Different kinds of biomass materials may show different activation performances.
  • Transparent chamber allows visual observations of the processes.
  • Small amount of samples but wide variety sample can be easily characterized.

High-Vacuum & Full Automatic CVD System for Graphene Synthesis

Overview: Our CVD system for graphene synthesis was modified by adding a powerful turbo molecular pump and full automatic operation system. As the result, graphene films having high crystalline quality were grown on Ni or Cu foils.
  • Electrical valves controlling system.
  • Auto pressure monitoring system of inner gas.
  • Various interlock functions.

Desk-Top Hot-Filament CVD System for Diamond Synthesis

Overview: A hot-filament system is added to our MPCNT-Basic, to allow us to synthesize diamond films on a substrate by using ethanol fuel.
  • Substrate heating unit and hot-filament unit are separately equipped.
  • Ethanol fuel is heated and vaporized with the residual heat of the substrate.

Desk-Top Nitriding Treatment System

Overview: Our desk-top CVD system [MPCNT-Basic] was modified by adding ammonia introduction unit to realize nitrogen doping treatment
  • Flow meter of NH3 was equipped
  • Corrosive-resistant pump was equipped.

Laser-Assisted CVD Chamber for Film Deposition

Overview: A vacuum chamber with a special window for transmission of UV laser beam was fabricated for the use of laser-assist CVD. NH3 and C2H3 gas flow meters were quipped, allowing us to deposit nitrogen-carbon compound, which will show photocatalytic effect.
  • 3-line mass-flow controllers and substrate-heating unit were equipped.
  • Corrosive-resistant rotary pump was equipped.

Reaction Chamber for Surface-Treatment by Laser-Beam

Overview: Our originally designed sample chamber was fabricated, in which sample to be laser-treated is placed and different gases can be introduced through valves, and then laser beam is transmit through the special window glass designed for the fiber laser beam. This sample chamber can be used in commercial fiber laser engraving machines.
  Please contact us for details.

Sample Holder with 2-Axis Rotations for Vacuum Vapor Deposition

Overview: Our product of MPVAP was modified for depositing metal films on samples having a complicated and microscopic 3D structure, such as CNT forests, micro flow channels. For this purpose, the sample substrate was tiltable and rotatable, as shown in the following figure. Because of the two-axis rotations, deposition at deep valleys of microscopic structure can be achieved.

Sample Vibrating Unit for Deposition Metals on Powder Samples

Overview: We can deposit metal films on powder materials by loading a sample-vibrating unit and heating a down-direction vaporization crucible. We will fabricate a special such unit, which can be attached to your own vacuum vapor deposition apparatus for metal film depositions on powder materials.
  • Vibrating motor can be loaded in vacuum.
  • Vibration level can be controlled and adjusted to meet the viscosity of the powders.

Vacuum Device for Defoaming and Molding of High-Insulate Silicone Rubbers

Overview: This vacuum device was designed for removing air bubbles in high-insulate silicone liquid mixed with curing agent, and for filling the liquid into a mold containing X-ray emission electrodes, and then making a bubble-free mold to insulate these electrodes from atmosphere.
Separated 3-step transparent acrylic chambers and 2 powerful rotary pumps, and lifting mold table were prepared.

Large-Size Equipment for Mass-Production of Barrel Polishing Media

Overview: Plastic barrel media for polishing metal parts are formed by dispersing polishing agents into plastic solutions and then curing and molding. A large-scale equipment for mass-production of such media was fabricated, which including mixing process, defoaming process, filling process, and curing process.
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Evaluation Apparatus of Field-Emission Property of CNT Emitters

Overview: A characterization apparatus for easily measuring the field emission property of CNT emitters was fabricated.
  • CNT emitters have high electron emission current at lower range of applied voltages.
  • Gap between the two electrodes can be changed and adjusted.

Gas-Analysis Apparatus with Q-Mass elements

Overview: Q-mass analysis system was arranged for detecting generated gases from biomass materials during their carbonization process. CH4, H2, CO, CO2, etc. can be detected.
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Interference-Fringe Analysis Software for High-precision Phase Detection in Electron-Holography

Overview: The major works of our company are related materials. However, we have also rich knowledge in the field of electron holography and optical interferometry, and in the field of scientific computations and numerical calculations.
We have developed an image analysis and numerical calculation program, by which phase image can be precisely extracted from its interference fringe pattern. This program has been used by several scientists for their researches in electron holography.
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