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Thermal CVD system for CNT synthesis: MPCVD-70

Thermal CVD system for CNT synthesis [MPCVD-70] ----- JPY5,800,000~

Figure of system components
Purpose: A furnace type of CVD system for synthesizing carbon nanotubes with a horizontal quartz tube furnace (diameter = 70 mm).
  • ・Furnace heating unit and temperature controller are integrated in one unit.
  • ・Ethanol liquid can be used as carbon source, as well as hydrocarbon gas;
  •  good effect for SWCNT synthesis.
  • ・Catalyst-precursor providing function is equipped;
  •  long-length ( ~500 um) vertically-aligned CNT films and powdery CNT can be synthesized.
  • ・3 lines of precise mass-flow gas controllers are equipped.

 The use of a quartz reaction tube with a diameter of 70 mm and tube furnace as well as the increased volume of the hot zone makes it possible to produce a large amount of powder CNT (10 gram per batch), and vertically aligned CNT can be grown on a large substrate (up to 65 mm・200 m).

 The shape of the furnace is different from that used in MPCVD-50, but the fundamental functions are as the same as those of MPCVD-50.


Configuration Tubular Furnace Operating Temp. 400~1000℃
Control of Temperature 1zone Program Control
Dimension W750㎜×H605㎜×D450㎜
Electric Capacitance AC200V 20A single-phase 50/60Hz
Furnace Tube Material Quartz
Dimension OD70㎜×ID65㎜×L1200㎜
Control of Gases Mass Flow Controller
Introduced Gases Carrier Gas:N2 or Ar
Reducing Gas:H2
Hydrocarbon Gas:C2H2 or C2H4 or CH4
Dimension(Box) W250㎜×H310㎜×D450㎜
Vacuum Gauge Bourdon Gauge
Vacuum Pump Oil-sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump
Dimension W156㎜×H200㎜×D300㎜
Feed Mechanism for Liquid Fuel
Feed Mechanism for catalyst precursor